\Art awards $500 Microgrants on a rolling basis to assist current Cornell University students pursuing art works, art tools, or other art activities that use emerging digital technologies.


The \Art Board--a mix of Cornell Tech, Cornell University, and external members with technology and art expertise--accepts student applications and awards Microgrants on a rolling basis throughout the school year. Any current student at Cornell University may apply for a Microgrant, including undergraduate, masters, and PhD students from both Cornell Tech and the Cornell University campus in Ithaca.

Students interested in applying need not be experienced artists nor plan to pursue professional careers in art after graduation: \Art Microgrants are meant to broadly stimulate art & technology activity at Cornell University and foster adventurous and creative thinking at the intersection of art & technology.

Student applications include a written statement about the art pursuit, including its use of digital technology and any other background or reference material, including a personal statement about the student’s general interest in art & technology. Students may apply multiple times for different pursuits, or successively over time for the same developing pursuit. The \Art Board reviews all applications and selects Microgrant recipients.


Microgrant award recipients receive $500 to help cover materials or any other aspect of the art pursuit. The student is named a \Art Microgrant Awardee for the given school year. Note that this program is not a commission: the student owns the work, but we ask that the student provides pointers to their work so that we can share it on the \Art website, etc.


Microgrants are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the school year and students can expect to be notified within two weeks of their application submission.


Many students will receive a link to the application through university listservs. If you have questions or have not received the link to the application, please email info @ backslashart.org.


See the \Art Microgrants FAQ for more information, and email info @ backslashart.org if you have any additional questions.