Q: Can I apply with collaborators?

A: There needs to be one primary applicant since the award money will be transferred to one student’s bursar account, but definitely it’s great to apply as collaborators. You will see in the application a place to add your collaborators.


Q: I just got the good news! :) How do I get my money?

A: You will receive the Microgrant shortly through your student bursar account.


Q: What should I do when I’m done?

A: Please provide pointers to your work with us so that we can share it on the \Art website.


Q: Who owns the work created with the Microgrant?

A: You own the work! This program is not a commission, and we will ask your permission before sharing your work on the \Art website, etc.


Q: Can I apply for another \Art Microgrant?

A: Yes! You can apply again for another pursuit, or even apply again for the same work if a successive Microgrant would help further your progress. We consider each application on a rolling basis.