\Art, pronounced “backslash art”, awards an annual fellowship to a visiting artist to collaborate with Cornell Tech faculty and students on a significant work of art that engages bleeding-edge digital research and technology. The fellowship offers sustained teamwork with creative and innovative technologists, enabling deep exploration of new artistic forms, expressions and features, and is intended to inspire novel opportunities for the artist’s work.

\Art takes its name from the \ (backslash) “escape” character in computer programming, used to indicate that whatever comes after the \ should be interpreted outside the normal mode of input and output to do something special. In this spirit, the \Art Fellowship provokes the artist to escape convention in their practice.

\Art lives at Cornell Tech, a digital-age graduate campus of Cornell University in New York City. \Art collides students, faculty, and artists, both on and off campus, providing grants and support for unconventional works that use the latest emerging digital technologies. Combined with Cornell University’s founding principle, “… any person … any study”, \Art creates an ideal ground for high-tech, transdisciplinary collaborations.

\Art is currently accepting artist proposals for the 2024 \Art Fellowship.

Cornell University embraces diversity and seeks candidates who will contribute to a climate that supports students, faculty and staff of all identities and backgrounds. We strongly encourage individuals from underrepresented and/or marginalized identities to apply. Our inclusive community of scholars, students and staff impart an uncommon sense of larger purpose and contribute creative ideas to further the university’s mission of teaching, discovery and engagement.


As recipient of the \Art Fellowship, the artist is awarded:


Cornell Tech faculty are passionate about making an impact, both on campus and in the world beyond. They have a vision for the power of technology and are motivated by the opportunity to conduct innovative research and co-create with leading academics, entrepreneurs, industry experts, students, and artists!

The following are active technology areas of Cornell Tech research that the artist should consider when making a proposal. Collaborations in these inspiring areas can result in exceptional work that is not possible through the use of generally available software or software developers the artist could contract on their own.