\Art awards a major $100k grant each year to a practicing NYC-based artist and two Cornell Tech graduates to collaborate full-time on a significant work of art that uses bleeding edge digital technology to provoke novel opportunities for their work.


Each year, \Art accepts artist proposals and selects an artist, and accepts applications from its graduating students and awards two fellowships.

Artist proposals include a written statement about the artist’s interest in \Art, areas of opportunity for this award, and comparable works from the artist’s portfolio. \Art reviews all proposals, discusses proposals with artists, and selects an artist to participate in the program.

Cornell Tech hosts a workshop with the selected artist, inviting all students interested in applying for \Art fellowships, as well as faculty with relevant expertise. During the workshop, the artist introduces his or her work, presents areas of opportunity, and participants explore potential collaborations.

After the workshop, Cornell Tech students apply individually with a written statement about their interest in the program, their ideas stemming from the workshop, the areas of technology for which they have expertise and experience, their resume and transcripts, and why they would be an excellent teammate with the other selected fellow. \Art and the artist review all applications and select the award recipients.

Graduating students interested in applying need not plan to pursue a professional career in art: the \Art experience is an inspiration for any career path, demonstrating adventurous and creative thinking, with the work itself as a compelling portfolio piece--but hopefully the graduates will continue to engage with art in some way after the collaboration is over!


Each graduate is awarded $40k as a lump sum to cover living expenses. The graduates are named \Art Fellows for the given year.

The artist is awarded a $20k lump sum to contribute to time and materials, in addition to the $80k (2 x $40k) worth of engineering capability from the two graduates. Note that this program is not a commission: the artist owns the work. The artist is named Cornell Tech’s \Art Artist for the given year.


All awards are paid after the students graduate from Cornell Tech. The Artist and Fellows decide when to start the collaboration and agree on their weekly schedule. The collaboration should amount to about six months of full-time effort. Ideally, the new artwork will be shown within a year of the award.


Applications are currently closed. If you have questions, please email info @ backslashart.org.