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> About \Art

\Art, pronounced "backslash art", is an annual fellowship at Cornell Tech that partners artists with Cornell Tech graduates to create art that escapes convention: new art forms, and new art technologies.

Digital technology, from computer vision to cryptography to artificial intelligence, is increasingly central to human life--yet increasingly sophisticated, requiring deep expertise to invent, use, experiment with, and modify effectively. This sophistication can be both a challenge and an opportunity for artists that seek to use cutting-edge technology or explore new art forms using technology.

Cornell Tech graduates are digital-age pioneers, equipped to expertly apply and invent new technologies--poised to jump into the art world and help make something new.

For the artist, \Art grants a capability to explore and lead the way on new forms and features of art--a chance to do something new.

For the Cornell Tech graduates, \Art is a rare opportunity to take an uncommon and adventurous path after graduation.

During this partnership, the graduates work in the artist’s studio alongside the artist, collaborating on a new work of art, with two goals:

To create or “upgrade” a work of art whose novel content or form is achieved through the expert, artful application or innovation of cutting-edge digital technology. The domain of the work is unrestricted (media art, net-art, social practice, artificial art, anything): it need have nothing to do with technology other than to use it--often in the best cases, the technology even goes unnoticed.

To publicly share the processes and technologies developed to create the artwork, so that other artists and technologists can leverage and continue to improve new tools and platforms for the creation of art. This open source aesthetic is an essential ingredient of digital culture and innovation. It is up to the artist and graduates which aspects of the new processes or technologies are shared and which remain proprietary to the artist.

> About the \

Backslash (\), otherwise known as whack, hack, slosh, bash, backslant, and reversed virgule--and not to be confused with forward slash (/)--is known as an escape character in computer programming, indicating that the characters after the \ should be interpreted outside the normal mode of input and output to do something special.

Thus \Art is art that escapes convention: new forms, and new technologies.

> Inquiries

For press and other inquiries, please email backslashart@tech.cornell.edu. For use of the \Art logo, please see \Art resources.

> About Cornell Tech

Cornell Tech is a new graduate campus of Cornell University located on Roosevelt Island in New York City. It brings together faculty, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs, and students in a catalytic environment to produce visionary results grounded in significant needs that will reinvent the way we live in the digital age. Read more about Cornell Tech.

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